Joelle Klein

Writer|Blogger|Content Queen


I have over 20 years of writing and editing experience and am rarely far from my keyboard. I relish the concept of diving into a subject, researching the heck out of it and then emerging to share my knowledge with readers. As a health specialist and lifestyles generalist, I’ve written on an array of subjects including pregnancy, parenting, infertility, diabetes, the environment, fitness, entertainment, business, style and relationships.

My lively (and sometimes snarky) style of writing is a perfect fit for blogs, social media and newsletters.  I also have a certificate in Digital Marketing and Social Media so I can do that for you, too. Plus, I’m quick, fun, creative and easy to work with (at least that’s what others I’ve worked with have said).


“Joelle is one of those amazingly strategic AND operational executives that can see 30,000 feet above and still get down in the trenches and get her hands dirty. She walks the talk, she's curious, and she never stops learning. I have gone back to her time and time again and she always succeeds at surpassing my expectations.” -- Michael Streefland, VP of Current TV

“Joelle was truly one of the best and brightest on the editorial team at iVillage.”-- Greg Remillard, SVP Marketing & Business Development at Stylesight

Joelle's writing and editing skills are just part of the package that makes her indispensable to my editorial team. She also brings a depth and breadth of industry knowledge, marketing acumen and win-win flexibility that sets her apart from other freelance writers. Joelle's a tremendous asset, and I highly recommend her work.”-- Kirsten Longnecker, Editorial Director of Gaiam

Contact: 917-821-7230